Membership Levels and Benefits

You must become a Member to borrow music from our collection.  There are four membership levels. They are:
1) Individual ($25/year) - Individual Members may borrow single copies of up to 10 titles for 2 months at a time. Multiple orchestral parts for a single title count as one item.
2) Student - 18 or younger ($15/year) - This is the same as the individual membership, but at a discounted student rate.
3) Small Choral Organization ($45/year) - Small Organization Members may borrow 39 or fewer copies of up to ten titles for 4 months.
4) Large Choral Organization ($75/year) - Large Organization Members may borrow any number of copies of up to 10 titles for 4 months.

We want to make Bagaduce Music work for you.  If these Membership levels do not meet your needs, please feel free to contact our staff and discuss other arrangements.