Our Volunteers


We are here today to celebrate,
Our many Volunteers, who really rate!

You are the absolute best of the bunch,
And often tell a great story at our lunch.

Some of you sing, dance or play the kazoo,
But most are clever at all that you do.

We have some rustic sailors who know our waters well,
And some clever card players, that know the tricks, but will never tell.

There are those that review, revise and stamp
And just keep sorting, shelving and revamp.

But our erasers are the best,
By putting all their muscles to the test.

You climb our stairs in leaps and bounds
To work the computers with hardly a sound.

Your dedication continues to be admired,
Cheerful and full of fun and never tired.

Not only do you work at home,
In kitchen, garden or on the phone.

You play piano, crochet, violin or cello,
And always keep your spirits mellow.

We have here a group that is united,
By love of music and the composers that write it.

We thank you today, our wonderful Volunteers,
And salute you now with 3 great cheers!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!