2017 Young Composers Festival

The 21st Annual Young Composers Festival was held on April 22, 2017 at Emlen Hall in Blue Hill, Maine. The Young Composers Festival program began at 10 a.m. with 16 of the 32 entrants in attendance. Attendance was not mandatory for receiving a prize.  The judges considered the Young Composers original compositions in two age groups: Category I – Age 7 through 13 years and Category II – Age 14 through High School and selected a first, second, and third place winner in each category.  This year the judges also awarded an honorable mention.  These winners were announced at the Festival.   

In AGE CATEGORY I the judges declared a three way tie. 
In alphabetical order the winners were: 
Cedar Fulton Ellis from Seal Cove, ME for his composition “Boom” written for concert band and piano,
Eleanor Kmack from Portland, ME for her composition “Owls Soaring In” written for piano, and
Samuel Norbert from Wells, ME for his composition “China” written for Piano. 
Honorable Mention was awarded to Grayson Frothingham from Blue Hill, for his composition “Waitin’ on Merrin” written for drums.
In AGE CATEGORY II the judges awarded:
First Place to Kyra Teboe from Brunswick, ME for her composition “Bright Eyes” written for piano, voice, bass, and drum set,
Second Place to Soren Nyhus from from Waterville, ME for his composition “Cello Sonata No. 2, mov. II” written for piano and cello
Third Place to Perrin Davidson from Freeport, ME for his composition “The Mind in State” written for violin, viola, cello.
Honorable Mention to Noah Brown from Freeport, ME for his composition “Where the Sidewalk Ends” written for four part voice.

Sixteen of the 32 entrants to the competition attended the Festival in Blue Hill, Maine. They performed their original compositions for a large audience of musicians, family members, and music teachers.  Each contestant had an opportunity to meet one on one with Judge Fred Goldrich and Judge Beth Wiemann.  The third judge, Judge Daniel Sonenberg, who was unable to attend encouraged contestants to contact him by e-mail.  Before lunch, Holly Bartlett Weinberg gave a keynote presentation that included an interactive Mozart composing game with the young composers.   
The Young Composers Competition and Festival was made possible by a generous grant from the Bob Crew Foundation and donations from Steven Poulos, The Merle B. Grindle Agency, Sarah Fraley, Nina Mocniak Doak and Mainescape Gardens. We thank you all for your continued support!