Bagaduce Music has a number of exhibits of its vocal popular sheet music which are available to borrow for a nominal fee.  The exhibits trace the cultural, technological and political history of the United States through imaginative and colorful sheet music covers.  One of these exhibits is entitled Fly With Pop Music.  Its covers vividly show the early excitement and mystique of the airplane.  Our fascination with technology is also demonstrated by the Telephone exhibit.  Shown is a cover from this exhibit.
The Nifty Fifty exhibit features a sheet music cover for each of the fifty states in the U.S.  The Feminine Musique exhibit traces the advancement of American women, from the late 19th century to the 1980s, by displaying a music cover from each decade.  Other music library cover exhibits include African American, Cats, Children, Christmas, College Days, Dance, Flags, Football, Halloween, Liberty, Native Americans, Nurses, State of Maine, St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day.  These exhibits are appropriate for display at schools, libraries, museums, art galleries or special events.  To borrow one of the exhibits, call Bagaduce Music's Executive Director, Teresa Myrwang Holum, at 207-374-5454.

Here is one of Bagaduce Music's covers from the Nifty Fifty exhibit, which features a music cover from each of the fifty states in the United States.