New Brass Ensemble & Piano Ensemble Titles

    Over 600 New Piano Ensemble Titles
    Bagaduce Music was fortunate to receive a large collection of music for piano ensemble from Ted Dalbotten, a retired pianist in New York City. Ted was active as both a dance and vocal accompanist, and he was a passionate collector of music for four-hand piano, two pianos/four hands, and especially two pianos/eight hands. Over his lifetime Ted collected hundreds of interesting and rare titles, much of it long out of print.  He went through our online catalog and then sent us over 600 titles that we did not have.  Before recorded music, these piano ensemble arrangements were often performed for social occasions, and many times they were the first way that listeners were introduced to much of the classical repertoire. 
     Examples of this fantastic collection include: six Beethoven String Quartets arranged for two pianos by Emile Moos; Mozart’s Sonata in C Major with a second piano part written by Edward Grieg; and selections from Darius Milhaud’s ballet Vendanges arranged for two pianos by Victor Babin under the title Divertissements.  Download the file below to see the entire collection or search our entire catalog for the arrangement of your choice by using the dropdown menus on our search page.

New Music for Mixed Brass
and Trumpet Ensembles
George J. Prosnik, a retired trumpet player from Springfield, Virginia, sent Bagaduce Music his extensive collection of over 550 titles for mixed brass ensemble and trumpet ensemble. It is all in beautiful condition, copyrighted in the 1990's and 2000's, and ready to lend!
        Download the file attached below for a complete listing or search our whole catalog for the arrangement of your choice by using the drop-down menus on our search page.

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